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Eureka Bible Church


Eureka Bible Church
86 Augustine Rd Eureka, MO 63025

Eureka Bible Church is located in Eureka, Missouri, south of I 44 and east of Hwy 109. There is a stoplight at the intersection of Hwy 109 and Central Ave/Augustine Rd. Turn left at the light (if coming from I 44). Follow Augustine Rd by turning left at the stop sign, go around the pond, and the church drive is on the right, just a short ways past the pond.

About Eureka Bible Church

Eureka Bible Church is an independent church located in Eureka, MO. As an independent church, we accept the responsibilities of self-government, self-support, and self-direction.

That may sound “self” centered, but what we mean is that we accept responsibility to follow the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ. We are not tied to the oversight or dictation of any denomination, we take responsibility for our own support, and we take seriously the Headship of Jesus Christ over the local church. Our loyalty is to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We are independent, but, we are not isolated and self-sufficient.

Eureka Bible Church is a member of the IFCA International, “A Fellowship Committed to Biblical Ministry.” The IFCA Intl includes member-churches, schools, organizations and pastors.

With these and other like-minded churches we participate together in spreading God’s Word and the church of Jesus Christ, sending disaster relief, and other cooperative projects.

We are a “Bible” church, because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word to mankind, and that in the Bible, we have been given everything we need for this life and to be prepared for the life to come.

Further, in the Bible we have all the direction and guidance we need to correctly order the work and the operation of the local church. In all of our teaching we strive to understand and apply God’s Word.

Our History

Eureka Bible Church began in the 1950s as Times Beach Bible Church. In 1982 the Times Beach community was flooded out, and the residents and businesses were forced to move out. (The former Times Beach is now Route 66 State Park.) When the church moved to its current location, it became known as Calvary Community Bible Church. The name was changed to Eureka Bible Church in 2008, in order to specify our location, to simplify the name, and to signify a fresh commitment to serving the Lord in this community.